Génesis / 2019
20 x 25 cm / 64 Pages
Art book about the "Dystopian" Collection
Both dystopia and utopia refer to a society, and it does not always have to be associated with the circumstances that exist in the world around it. Dystopia can exist in a clean world, full of nature, animals and, ultimately, life. CESC ABAD - Dystopian Nature (Genesis) is the title that precedes the work to be exhibited, and introduces this book, which is capable of generating preconceived ideas, doubts, questions, and sometimes, sentences. The objective is to answer the question that has motivated the project, with the purpose of generating a debate among the public so that it is capable of questioning everyday aspects, looking for answers, observing its present, and why not, its future. Likewise, the purpose of this project is to make known the visual artist Cesc Abad and the contribution he makes to theory and the dystopian current, which will allow his work and commitment to be valued.
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